Donation For Children

Hello everybody !

Today we want to give love and attention to children who have health problems !!! those children who need our help.

We urge all people to help for children.All the money raised from our charity for children will go to the medicine for the seriously ill children.

And also on things and clothes for orphans in an orphanage.

Thank you all very much for your help and responsiveness in helping to raise money.Wallets for collecting donations of cryptocurrencies below.

BTC: 1DMBx6a3fTWKA5cRNLdWA4K8wXuavKvPxe

ETH: 0x81bF1A260c5fcC2717a405747c068Ea620E5D1E6

BCH: qr9nmvre28qf7v2y23m5j7wedlnkrkuv2yzj54sgmz

LTC: LhyZYprD4oZMQnQXevzah8dJgaM6YH1exr


Sent to the donation wallet $ 700 Let this money help at least something to children.

Mary Smith
local celebrity

About Us

Joan Doe,

store owner

Many thanks to this project.For creating assistance to poor children